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PVC Pipe Q.C. Sample Saw

PVC Pipe Q.C. Sample Saw

Quality Metal Works inc. designed a fully adjustable saw for cutting various lengths and diameter PVC pipes. With an HMI screen the operator can select the size of the pipe needed to be cut, programming controls the pneumatically driven clamp table guided by linear rods and bearings. The calmp/drive rollers are then chain driven by electric motor and speed reducer also controlled within the programming. A screw Jack electric actuator then lifts the saw table to the appropriate cutting height, while a V-belt drives the saw blade via an electric motor also controlled by the programming. An electric hoist/trolley and hand crank chain drive allows for manual loading and feeding of pipes. A momentary toggle valve pneumatically controls the cam guided discharge rollers for removal of the sample piece.

Electrical controls by Hawthorne Electric.

Pneumatic Design by RG Group.

Design currently under development/testing, updates to follow.